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How to Use LinkedIn for the Podcast?

LinkedIn is the best stage to show your activities. It’s the platform that gives you the power to show your skills and knowledge. And there are only professionals on it, so it’s easy for you to get clients from here. So in this article, we are going to learn more about how to use LinkedIn for podcasts. It’s not a good thing to leave LinkedIn without showing your podcast. When you know that you will get a lot of customers from here. It also upgrades your profile and provides you more and more visitors on your profile. It gives them a specific reason to visit your profile and also reach to your podcast.


So this is the best time to learn about how to use LinkedIn for podcasts. Let’s start adding more information in our brain related to LinkedIn. In this article, we give you 5 important points which will help you with this:


  1. Publish show notes: 

You know very well that Google show text results more easily. So if you want that people can see you when they search for a relevant topic in the search bar. Then you must have to write notes of your podcast. Because Google analyzes them very well and easily rather than the audio. So show your podcast in clear notes which are easily understandable. You can easily enjoy a lot of benefits from these notes. You can provide any kind of link to your visitors so that they can click on it and go on your page. You can also optimize your content with SEO so that it can easily appear in the Google search results.


  1. Tell the world about your podcast:

Never leave any chance of telling people about your podcast. Use every method and way of showing your podcast. Talk about it in your LinkedIn post, etc. And tell them to follow you and share your podcast with their friends and family. When you tell them this line then they get an actionable message from you.


  1. Connect with other podcasters: 

Don’t underestimate the power of unity. So you should always have to connect with other podcasters on LinkedIn. Go on different podcast channels and also promote your podcast on it. Invite others on your podcast and build connections with them. It helps you to get more visitors to your podcast. And that’s the key to the extension of your podcast.


  1. Link:

Provide your podcast link in your post. When you give your visitors the link of your podcast then there are many chances that they will click it and see your podcast at once. But one thing you should have to keep in mind is that it provides value to your visitors. When you provide value to them then they want more and more from you and do whatever you give them.


  1. Post about your podcast: 

After a podcast show, you should have to make a useful and informative post for your visitors and post in on LinkedIn. Because it attracts them on your podcast.

Still, need more help to understand  How to Use Linkedin for the Podcast? Don’t worry get in touch with us. We are the LinkedIn lead generation expert that helps companies to create LinkedIn marketing strategy to generate more sales opportunities.


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