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Did you know you can use LinkedIn to grow your business? LinkedIn is one of the social networks with the power to connect businesses and generate leads. LinkedIn groups are a great tool to give you access to people in a related industry, topic, or geographic location. Currently, LinkedIn basic members are allowed to join up to 50 groups.

So, how can your business take advantage of this? Learn how to use LinkedIn groups for business.

Showcase your expertise
Use LinkedIn groups to show your expertise in different topic or industries. Always be present and involve yourself in discussions. This is a great way to be noticed and drive potential clients to your profile and back to your website. On average, a potential customer will view your website about seven times before buying. So take up this opportunity and put your business out there.

Answer questions
Participate on this platform by answering questions related to your business or online expertise. Occasionally, get into these groups (with your target consumers in mind) and ask questions. The answers you get could be feedback about services or product you offer.

At the same time, this builds relationships. It also gives you a good picture of your customer’s tastes and preferences. Hence, you will be able to tailor your products/services to suit their needs. This in turn creates customer satisfaction and increases sales.

Promote engagement
Look at LinkedIn groups as a way of sharing content. Share content that is relevant to your specific groups but be sure not to over-promote. Come up with a content strategy that suits your industry/business model. This could be a video, info-graphic, or a simple text. This will grow engagement and consequently get you noticed by potential clients.

Grow your network
When thinking of how to use LinkedIn groups for business., growing your network should be one of your objectives. Although all the above steps will ultimately increase your network, set goals and take deliberate actions towards achieving this.

If you notice a particular demography, or certain characteristic of users are engaging with you.
These people might be asking related questions or liking your content. Go ahead and send them personalized invitations, familiarize them with your products and services (not hard selling), send them a sign-up/subscription link to your website. These could be prospective customers, so don’t lose them.

Build brand authority
Another great way to use LinkedIn is to build trust and establish authority by being consistent. If you want to enjoy the benefits of using these groups, the key is consistency. If people do not see you participating for over a week, they tend to forget you. All the hard work gets lost.
The more active you get the more likely to get people interacting with your business. They will find you reliable and trust-worthy in answering their question and subsequently, they will believe in what you are offering (products/services).

Final thoughts
Although there is still much as far as how to use LinkedIn groups for business goes. Once you get the hang of it, you can also create your own groups for your customers, prospects, or partners. Keep in mind that Effective networking is all about sharing, helping, informing and providing value.

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