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Since its inception, LinkedIn has proved to be an effective online portal for professionals across the globe. As a social, professional and career online networking site, LinkedIn helps people connect who are either looking for a job or are looking for someone to recruit.

LinkedIn, as of 2018, has more than half a billion users throughout the globe. Over the years, the online networking site has effectively helped people find their dream job or helped organizations and recruiters find their perfect recruitment. However, if you are new to the networking site, you must understand the tricks on how to use LinkedIn like a pro to get the best out of it. And here are a few things to help you with the same –

1. Use a professional photo as your profile picture
Just like you use a profile picture on your other social networking site, you also need to use a photo in your LinkedIn profile. However, as LinkedIn is more of a professional approach which requires you to use a professional photo in your LinkedIn account. This will make a good first impression on anyone, who will be viewing your profile.

2. Write a professional piece on your summary
Just like you need to create an impressive summary for your CV, the same way, you also need to create an impressive summary for your LinkedIn profile. A brief, professional and yet intriguing profile summary will attract people who are looking for candidates like you.

In your LinkedIn, you can see a space where you can write your profile summary in 2,000 characters. The social site recommends that you write a profile summary in about three to five brief paragraphs. Through your summary, try to make the right first impression by showing a glimpse of your personality.

3. Send invitations and some professional messages
LinkedIn is all about building the right kind of network. Once you have signed up for LinkedIn and build an impressive profile, now it is time for you to build a network. Connect with people who are related to your profession, or with someone with whom you connect with professionally on a daily basis. In this case, LinkedIn also helps you find the right connections based on your preferences or job search.

Once you are done with the invitation process, another thing that you can now try is to send them messages. However, be professional – you can simply congratulate people on their achievement or get in touch with them to talk to them about any opportunities that they can help you with. Being professional is the key here.

4. Learn how to brand yourself
One thing that everyone must understand is that branding helps you build a strong portfolio. Recruiters are looking for people who are good at the said field; and unless you are showing what you have to offer, it is impossible for you to get noticed.

Always be humble, real and honest about what you know and who you are. But also, remember to be professional. Try to add some fun and light touch to your interest and hobbies, be direct when it comes to adding your unique features and talents. Putting too generic and cliché sentences on your profile can seem too monotonous and boring at times. It is always good to know how to use LinkedIn like a pro and be creative at times.

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