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How to use LinkedIn Live Video for business?

In 2017, LinkedIn was launched, and ever since then, it has taken the market with a storm. As per records, it has been observed that LinkedIn videos are blooming as content-type on the platform, they generate five times more conversations with members and are re-shared 20 more times. LinkedIn live feature is presently the most sought after feature on this platform. The biggest advantage of live streaming is that it helps marketers to connect with their targeted communities in real-time. LinkedIn live videos are the professional counterparts of Facebook live videos.

How to use LinkedIn Live Video for business?

There is a specific procedure to be followed to use LinkedIn live videos.

  • Firstly you need to apply for starting LinkedIn Live.
  • The prime prerequisite for going live is making sure that you have at least two devices available before you start to stream. One device is required for streaming the video, whereas the other is necessary to monitor live comments.
  • There will be a requirement for a third party broadcasting tool to create the video. The broadcaster tool should have good sound quality and picture clarity. Your LinkedIn account needs to be in sync with the device from which you will go live.
  • Another essential requirement is of having high-speed Internet. It is recommended to have 3 Mbps speed net.
  • It is also required to take the help of your colleague. While you are live, there will be comments on the video and managing the two tasks is not possible. Take the help of your colleague to log onto your LinkedIn account and monitor your stream for you.
  • Optimized set up is also vital for the best live video. Apart from the high Internet, it is required that there is adequate natural lighting. Position the camera on a tripod for stability. You should be neither too close nor too far from the camera. Get a good quality camera for recording the video the bad quality image can prove to be a significant disadvantage. Face the camera with a smile and relaxed expression. Doing an audio check before going live is essential. The background where you will be shooting should be clutter-free and clean. All these factors will assure that your video is of professional quality and creates a strong impact on the viewers.
  • Once you have all things in place, push the broadcast button on the third-party tool, to begin with, streaming. Inform the third-party’s support team so that there is no technical issue while you are live.
  • LinkedIn will post your video on your Recent Activity or Page feed once you are done, this will enable other members to watch your video in case they missed the live streaming.


Know your audience and create a video that will engage you and, this will generate leads for your business. LinkedIn has educated and business-minded people on board thus, make live videos that will interest them. Looking for more info on how to use LinkedIn Live Video for business? contact us at any time.

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