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How to Use Linkedin Mobile App for Lead Generation?

Lead generation is an integral part of the business. If you are looking to have a constant flow of paying customers, then you require a reliable stream of leads. However, generating leads is not as easy as it sounds. For many marketers, generating quality leads is hard. On the phone, it is even harder. Reports suggest that 65% of businesses site generating quality traffic and leads as their top marketing challenges.

However, there is better news. Marketers now have more avenues to connect with their potential customers. The best channel being social media platforms with LinkedIn ranking as the best in generating high-quality leads. It might have something to do with the fact that LinkedIn has over 500 million business professionals on their network. Forty million of these potential targets are in decision-making roles, making them the most high-quality targets and the most eager to buy leads, you can generate online.

This type of engagement explains why LinkedIn is likely to produce better leads compared to other social media platforms. Nevertheless, like all other digital marketing channels, LinkedIn requires your effort and some finesse to generate these leads. Below is what you need to increase lead generation on the LinkedIn Mobile App:


When you are marketing on LinkedIn, you are looking to reach potential clients who have professed an interest in your type of business. LinkedIn gives you the ability to customize your target audience to a deeper level with factors like geographical location, past company, present company, nonprofit interests and much more. This micro demographic feature provides better opportunities and high conversion rates.

Optimize your profile

Just like Google, LinkedIn’s search algorithm focuses on keywords to rate the best results. You should tailor your page to optimize the content for searches. When filling out your information on LinkedIn, it is vital to keep it SEO friendly. However, do not try jamming keywords to improve your ratings. In the end, LinkedIn will catch up with you, and your page popularity will plummet.

Research shows that companies that have completed their profiles are forty times more likely to receive incoming enquiries.


When it comes to digital marketing, engagement is the constant variable across all social media platforms. You can start by encouraging your followers on other social media networks to connect with you on your LinkedIn page. You can then find leads from other people’s networks.

Manual searches are also an excellent way to invite prospective customers into your network. Some of the other methods of effectively engaging your audience include:

  • Updating regularly
  • Crafting captivating headlines
  • Using relevant keywords in your content
  • Cross promoting your content on other social media platforms

Take advantage of advertising options

Maintaining an engaging presence is just as important as drawing new people into your network. Sponsored content is the best way to increase awareness, reach and at the same time, generating a consistent stream of high-quality connections and leads.

Sponsored content is useful since it circulates your updates to micro-targeted users who are not established, followers. You also have the chance to choose between the standard sponsored content and direct sponsored content depending on the needs of your business.

Give them what they want

If you want to generate leads on LinkedIn, you must always keep your audience in mind. This is probably the most critical step in LinkedIn Marketing. If you are not sharing useful content, your engagement numbers are likely to fall. At the end of the day, people are looking to create legitimate and professional relationships. Sales verbiage and shallow marketing pitches will push your leads away.

Leave it to the professionals

Working on your account to generate leads might be a hectic process, especially if you do not have the time or expertise. Reaching out to professional companies like LinkedInLeadPC is a great way to gain leads through LinkedIn while you also concentrate on other aspects of your business.

With over 2000 small and big owner clients benefiting from our software, we surely have something for you. Our power tools and dedicated team will get you the right audience in no time. An added benefit of working with us is that you will receive weekly reports and a consulting service, which will give you visible results within three months after signing up.

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