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How to Use LinkedIn Publishing Platform for Business Visibility?

Whether you run a small or large business, using the LinkedIn publishing platform may improve your business visibility. According to a recent comScore report, 70% of digital media time is now on mobile. Most of it is spent on apps instead of web browsers. When you link to external content on your social media, you would be asking people to leave the quality experience on the app for a possibly low-quality experience on your website. Using LinkedIn Publisher can increase your visibility and optimize your posts for excellent results.

How to Use LinkedIn Publishing Platform for Business Visibility?

1. Use Call to Actions to Create Conversions

Add a compelling call to action to all your LinkedIn Publisher posts. With your calls to action, you may encourage clients to sign up for your free books, contact you, or open a different link to get more information. If you want them to contact you, leave your email address or phone number.

2. Expand Your Reach

Posting something on LinkedIn Publisher gives you no guarantee that people will find it. Consider promoting your post on other social networks. It will expand the reach of your post. Increasing your visibility will increase opportunities for your business.

3. Create Top of Mind Recognition

Using well-branded images and bold colors may increase the visibility of your posts. Visuals may determine whether or not people click on your LinkedIn posts. Consider working with a professional to create photos that are unique and relevant to your business and brand. Use colors and images to tell a story and encourage others to keep viewing your posts. With the right choice of images, readers may be able to tell what your article is about before reading your post. It is okay to use stock photos if you can’t use your own.

The graphics should be unique. Consider working with a graphic artist to find something that is special and relevant to your business.

4. Develop a Referral Network

When creating your post on LinkedIn Publisher, consider the leaders in your industry. Incorporating their work on your post may increase visibility. If you quote them, they are likely to share your post on their networks. It also adds credibility to your post.

You may compile a post about articles that were published in the past. Describe what each article is about and what you think about it. Another option is to request the influencers for a quote or paragraph on your post.

Whatever option you choose, ensure that the industry leaders know you included them in your post. By sharing it with their networks, they increase your reach.

To increase your business visibility on LinkedIn Publisher, you must be consistent. You must always have compelling calls to action, interesting visuals, and content that adds value to your visitors. Develop a strong referral network, and share all your posts on other social networks. When you develop a reputation of having good content and compelling visuals, people will keep coming back to your site. If you need help know more about How to Use LinkedIn Publishing Platform for Business Visibility?  Get in touch with us.

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