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Are you struggling to get the right audience online? And even worse, is getting traffic from LinkedIn becoming harder?

While you’ve been striving to connect to massive online audience, you’re still uncertain of how to use LinkedIn pulse to drive traffic and subscribers. We understand your frustration. You seem to be steering upstream, but none of the conventional hacks seems to work.

To admit, LinkedIn is among the best ways you can generate massive traffic online. But how do you use LinkedIn in a manner that will bring you the results you want?

Below, we show you how to use LinkedIn Pulse to drive traffic and subscribers.

Use a catchy headline

What’s more appealing than a catchy topic? Driving traffic and subscribers to your site require something that’ll draw people to click that link to get more of what you have to offer.

The headline is a critical aspect in ensuring your contents get the views it deserves. It’s even more when you’re starting; where you only have a handful following.

A catchy headline is likely to get people to click on, read, comment, like and share your post.

Create precise content

Precision is the key to everything you do. From casual conversations to conference meetings, nobody wants to be taken round before he/she can get the intended message. And so is the case with an online audience. Publishing shorter posts on LinkedIn will not only help you drive traffic and subscribers but also get social shares.

Why so? LinkedIn is a platform mostly used by professionals. These people are busy. And probably might be attracted to a content that’ll allow them to take vital information by simply scanning.

Include appealing visuals

People are easily swayed by what they can see. In other words, any content that consists of only text is likely to turn people off.

That said. Driving traffic and subscribers can be intrigued by creating and sharing a content-oriented image, video, or infographic. You’re likely to win more followings using thought-provoking visuals.

Pick relevant tags

Tags act as a compass that directs the right audience to your post. The tags you pick for your content remind people to give your post a try.

But how do you pick only the right tags? A simple way is to browse the tags used in posts related to yours. Picking tags similar or close to these will help your post be sorted with other posts. And this will drive you the traffic you need.

Share your post on relevant platforms

At the center of a successful business is numbers. However, how can you get a massive audience to visit your site?

The answer is sharing your post on platforms such as Face book, Google+, Twitter as well as LinkedIn. All it takes is to create captivating content frequently. The more you share insightful posts, the higher the number subscribers and the more the traffic you’ll get.

Wrapping it up

Keep it simple. Driving traffic and subscribers using LinkedIn Pulse doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Shine your way to success by writing precise content, using relevant tags, including appealing visuals, using catchy headlines and sharing your post on other social media platforms. Do the above and remain in the good mercies of LinkedIn Pulse.

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