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How to Use LinkedIn's New Trending Topics Module to Boost Your Presence

LinkedIn is a dynamic social media platform that has gained enormous momentum in the last three to four years. Whether it is awareness of a brand or boosting the online presence, this platform has made several things quite easy. Have you ever observed news feed on LinkedIn stating the trending topics of the day? Even it is very much helpful in expanding your reach.

See what happens these stories are just the trending news of the day depicted by editors and curators of LinkedIn. So how it can help us? Let us discuss in detail:

  1. There is an opportunity for all of us in this. You can write your own opinion, story or any relevant write-up using specific hashtags created by LinkedIn. So, next time, when you see a story popping up, you can directly go to the discussion section and start writing your own view. But make sure that you are writing in the relevant feed, i.e. in your area of expertise.
  2. This way, you will reach the audience very quickly and efficiently, and the audience will get to know your insight on the same topic. Moreover, you can paste the link of your video, blog or any write-up which you want your audience to hear from you.
  3. This new option allows connecting with the ideal customers already there on LinkedIn. As LinkedIn updates the news feed, so one gets a chance to engage with the target audience directly and thus getting the optimum reach. It gives a direct opportunity to demonstrate how you can impart value to the customers.
  4. You have the flexibility to share your content like podcasts or content on that particular niche and thus engage maximum people with your compelling tone. Therefore, it will open a new door for a business opportunity.
  5. After viewing the profile of your connection, you will get to know their area of expertise and taste in any niche. Thus you can automatically target that section which bothers in your value or service. Following this way will eventually boost your business and thus leading to heights of expansion.
  6. More or less, this will help you to get noticed very quickly as compared to the usual posts or articles which you publish on this channel. LinkedIn, as a social platform, has a high tendency to depict you as a top commenter if you use the suitable hashtag and comment relevantly. It will make people out there to stop their eyes on your profile and thus leading to more chances of increasing your organic reach.

Thus you have seen the hidden potential of the News trending section of LinkedIn and how you can get your greater reach effectively. Doing this regularly will make you get more followers, and thus you will lead others on a broader aspect. Eventually, apart from your reach and presence, it is highly beneficial for several business activities. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help in understanding How to Use LinkedIn’s New Trending Topics Module to Boost Your Presence?

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