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LinkedIn is an online network that has many uses like looking for jobs, looking for chances to advance your career, hiring employees and locating business partners. As this is a social network people are there for different reasons and you have to use strategies different from other social networks to get the most out of LinkedIn. Here are some ways on how to use LinkedIn more effectively:

LinkedIn Profile Tips
Profile is the most basic part in LinkedIn, so you have to make sure it is properly completed to be a professional.

Create a profile Badge for your website or blog
You will help your professional network grow through the badge in your personal LinkedIn profile as it will link you to the public profile. There are different badge designs for you to choose the one that matches your blog or website style.

Use search engines and save
It is very beneficial to maximize your profile with keywords that are relevant for you to stand out. It is good after doing a search you save it through clicking ”save search” button to enable you to get back to the search later and also get daily, weekly and monthly email reminders.

Get your skills endorsed
There is more weight when others speak of your skills and professionalism so it is good to get endorsed by the public. You have to delete endorsements that don’t describe your strengths and are not professional from your connections.

Make your profile an open profile
The open profile enables you to message LinkedIn members regardless of membership level and status. This will enable you to get into contact with many members.

Use LinkedIn For Networking

Utilize LinkedIn groups
Sending messages of your ideas or concerns will make you get more involved. Besides messaging, you will also view profiles for other group members and will help you stay updated. You can create your own group too and be the administrator. This will establish you as an industry thought leader and you will also get more content ideas and generate leads. As an administrator send email to every member once per week to increase engagement.

Share LinkedIn status updates on Twitter
When you share status updates on Twitter your followers will see them too. This will maximize your reach. You have to post status updates more regularly to look more intriguing and attract a larger audience because you will constantly be producing new and fresh content.

Create targeted showcase pages
These pages are used to promote specific products or services and cater to a specific persona. These also give your visitors a more personalized experience as the pages are offshoots of the main page.

Use LinkedIn Pulse
This is a platform for publishing and news production. You can browse the pulse to find interesting popular industry news and also discover influencer publishers and contributors. All LinkedIn users can write and publish articles on the Pulse.

Explore LinkedIn Content Marketing Score
You can use LinkedIn to measure user engagement with group pages and influencer posts. The score results will help you improve content on your LinkedIn pages.

Know how to use LinkedIn more effectively because it is a powerful marketing networking tool that is beneficial if done right to the above tips.

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