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How to Use Social Selling Index on LinkedIn and its Benefits

What is LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index (SSI)?


Social Selling Index on LinkedIn determines the strength of your brand on LinkedIn. The basis of this index is the quality of your connection, your engagement in those connections, and your interactions. It is updated daily click to check your brand’s status today.

Social selling is a type of content marketing only where you share your linked profile to increase sales. It is quite easier. All you have to do is do a few months of consistent works to keep checking the leads coming your way every day

Linkedin’s SSI benefits

The social selling index at LinkedIn provides you following services you can use to generate top leads and build your empire and entrepreneurship.


Building a personal brand name:

Social Selling Index at LinkedIn helps you build connections and generate leads using them. There plenty of opportunities for endorsements and recommendations you can start with. This is generated through your LinkedIn profile where you can also post articles and let people follow you and share your ideas.


Find the correct people:

LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index is about identifying the right opportunities. You can use LinkedIn’s Sales navigator lead builder tool which is highly suggested. You can generate leads and sales naturally by reaching out to the decision-maker individuals that are engaging and insightfully involved.


Engage with visions:

The key concept of LinkedIn works in the basis of building healthy relationships through your posts and articles. The score which is between the ranges of 0-100 is generated by the likes and comments you receive on your posts. Incoming and outgoing direct messages also impact the score.


Build solid relationships:

The fourth SSI foundation comes from the earlier two. This checks out for your capability to build a network of influencers who can work upon building your brand name. Metrics consist of searches people made to view your profile and days you had active status on your profile.


Boosting LinkedIn’s SSI score

Social Selling Index on LinkedIn ranges between 0-100 and to score one needs to be actively working on it. Keeping your profile updated and being active on the profile is the key. In addition to this, the following tips should be kept in mind while working on your SSI score:


  • By being actively present on your profile
  • Completing profile with experience and endeavors
  • Connecting with the right people
  • Connecting with influencers and decision-makers
  • Joining groups
  • Engaging with relevant industry insights
  • Keep your acceptance to people high


Final words

In a fast-paced digital era, you need to maintain digital credibility for your business. A LinkedIn profile made you do so online with countless opportunities to generate leads and associating with people throughout the world. Keeping in check your SSI score on LinkedIn gives your prospects to generate sales connecting with influencers and decision-makers who would like to grow with you on this platform. Building good partnerships and being active on a profile is the key to build a good SSI score. If you need more information on How to Use Social Selling Index on LinkedIn and its Benefits? get in touch with us.



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