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How to Write Creative LinkedIn Summary?

Writing an interesting LinkedIn summary to appeal buyers is not an easy job to crack. It needs to be impressed with all the details put in a very crisp manner. It requires finding the most interesting and genuine way to pen down your professional background and portray yourself as an expert on the subject matter.

How to write a LinkedIn summary?

The basics that can help in writing a strong LinkedIn summary are:

  • Start strong: There is a setting in LinkedIn whereby it just shows the first three lines of your profile summary. These are the first 290 to 300 characters. Therefore start your summary with a catchy hook so that the readers desire to “see more.” Another option could be to load the summary with matter that you desire the recruiters or hiring managers to know about you. Include topics like ‘why you love your work’ or ‘what sets you apart from others’ to have a very interesting summary.
  • The summary should be keyword rich- recruiters search for a combination of job titles, skills, or other keywords for finding the right candidate. LinkedIn also shows some search queries to find your profile. The dashboard underneath the summary will show “search appearances.” If this section is empty, then it implies that your summary is not keyword optimized for the recruiter’s searches. Review your job description and add these keywords in the summary and profile.
  • Details regarding your career- the LinkedIn summary is a place where you can put all details regarding your career details with your accomplishments and your abilities that make you excellent for the given job. These are the information that the hiring agencies or recruiters would like to know.
  • What is your plan- invite information regarding your move. The recruiters would like to know why are you moving to ascertain if the post that you are required to fill makes sense or not. The recruiter should be aware of the reason for your moving. These details will give a glimpse of your entire career to the recruiter.
  • Snapshot of your achievements- putting your great achievements in the summary section will create additional impact. Put up your accomplishment throughout the work experience, but having it, in summary, will add immense weight to your entire bio. Information that you could not put up in work experiences can be written here.
  • Additional questions to answer in your LinkedIn summary- having a list of additional questions in your summary will enhance your LinkedIn profile summary. It showcases your future employer, the places where you desire to go in your career, where you would fit. What your goals and ambitions are, your mission and vision in life, your passions regarding your present job and industry.


The LinkedIn section is often under-utilized by LinkedIn users. This section strengthens your profile by adding some depth, and character. Complete it with some optimizing search terms, narrating your career story and inspiring action from readers. If you need more ideas on How to Write a Creative LinkedIn Summary?

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