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How You Become an “All-Star” on LinkedIn

How would you like to go into your LinkedIn profile tomorrow morning and see this…?

Who’s Viewed Your Profile

93 Your profile has been viewed by 93 people in the last 7 days

11 Your rank for profile views improved by 11% in the past 7 days

When you start achieving these sort of results you will become a LinkedIn “All-Star”.

Yes, your profile messages can look like this with just a little input from you or by employing an expert to do this for you.

Marketing today is very competitive and very expensive.

Big companies have big advertising budgets, so competition can be very tough.

You can spend a lot of your hard earned dollars advertising to get your business visible with little or no positive results.

Also, advertising on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Ads to name a few can drain your advertising budget very quickly.

So, a more lucrative way is to attract free traffic by using the magic of LinkedIn.

Knowing How to Connect with Highly Targeted Prospects

How about a flood of free traffic coming to view your LinkedIn profile?

Do you think this would solve many of your problems in finding traffic without spending a fortune?

If you hang out where your prospective clients are, you will have a far better chance of successfully engaging with them, and doing business with them?

Identifying where your target audience is and putting yourself in their sights is a great start to building a prospective client base.

So what are some of the ways of attracting targeted traffic:

  • Joining the right groups (where your prospects hang out)
  • Engaging in the group conversations
  • Liking posts
  • Giving your educated opinion
  • Showing your expertise with topics you’re familiar with.
  • Supporting others in these groups by making intelligent comments, which back up their theories on certain subjects
  • Inviting targeted businesses to connect with you (this needs to be done in a certain way to prevent spamming)

Each time you engage in these group conversations, your brand will show up, thus giving your business free exposure to virtually thousands of potential clients.

Furthermore, the more you engage with these groups the more rapport and trust you build.

Also, it can then be very easy to ask some of these people to connect with you.

Here’s the thing, the more involved you get; the more people you will attract wanting to connect with you.

This is an easy way to building a great following and becoming an all-star.

Being an active group member and engaging with people will drive a ton of people to your profile.

When your audience views your profile they will decide whether to connect with or do business with you.

By being more active you will drive more traffic…the best part is its FREE traffic.

What not to do…

  • Inviting people you don’t know by using the LinkedIn standard connect script
  • Giving negative comments on group discussions or posts
  • Posting comments more suited to Facebook
  • Blatantly advertising your business in posts, articles or in group discussions
  • Sending messages to your followers promoting your business (this may be ok once you have built some rapport with them)

To sum up: you can make your profile an “All-Star” profile by embracing some of the tips in this article.

If you need more help with this process, feel free to contact Darren

Darren Kurilko | Linked Lead Ninja

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