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Linkedin, How to add Premium Subscription

LinkedIn is a business and employment-oriented service, which operates on both the mobile app and via a website. You can use LinkedIn to promote your brand, creation of contents, making new contacts, or even for building a brilliant team.

For you to do all the aforementioned tasks on LinkedIn, you need to have an account. You can sign up for an account using your LinkedIn mobile app or by visiting the website. For you to have and to enjoy the maximum benefits of all the services that are provided by LinkedIn, you need to subscribe to a premium account.

Below are the steps that you can use to subscribe as a premium LinkedIn Membership.

Open the LinkedIn Website or the Mobile App and Sign Up for a Free Account.

If you don’t have a LinkedIn account yet, signup for a free account and create your profile by filling all the required details in the spaces provided. In this step, make sure that you give the right information. This is important as the details will be used by your prospective employers, business partners, investors, among other professionals who will need to check your academic and professional background. If you register as a person who is seeking employment, then the details may be used to verify the company(s), which you have listed as your previous or current employer.

Register for a Premium Plan.

After you have registered for a free account, click on the ME icon that is found on the top of your LinkedIn homepage. Click and open the Try Premium Free for one Month that is shown in the dropdown.

You can also register for the premium plan under the settings and privacy page. Click on the settings and privacy option and open the Subscription and Payment section on the account tab.

After clicking on the Try Premium Free option, you will be required to add your credit card number to get access to the free trial. The credit card number will be used to help in converting your free trial to a paid subscription where your card will be charged after you have redeemed your one-month free trial.

You should explore and choose the plan that best suits your needs in the premium plan. After you have selected your plan, follow the prompts on your page to complete your upgrade to the premium plan.

You can view your free trial eligibility on the log-in message, which is found at the bottom of the LinkedIn page. If you had previously used a free premium trial, you won’t be able to access the free premium trial for at least twelve months, and your credit card will automatically be deducted the amount that you had selected during your premium upgrade registration.

You can cancel your premium plan one day before the billing date if you don’t want to continue with the plan and also to avoid your credit card being deducted for the next billing period.

You can also sign up for the Premium Essential subscription if you want to develop your career.

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