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Posting your incentives, discounts, and promotions on your profile play a significant role in helping you stand out. Promotions help in flagging your venue on the supplier’s networks as well as listing your deals in the particular searches that they appear in. Since LinkedIn helps individuals, companies and sales teams stand out to the new customers, potential recruiters and new connections, having all your promotions highlighted on your LinkedIn profile is critical to ensure you portray the right image in the professional world. So how do you accomplish this? Here are the steps on LinkedIn how to add promotion

Log in to LinkedIn and Click the “Me” Icon on the Top of Your LinkedIn Homepage

This is the initial step that takes you to your LinkedIn profile page. Once in this page, click view profile and scroll down until you get to the experience header

To the Right Side of the Experience Header, Click Add Position Link

Clicking the add position link on the experience header displays all the necessary text boxes you need for putting the promotion information you want to highlight on your career path.

Enter Your Information on the Text Boxes Provided

In the text boxes, start by putting the name of your company. By typing in your company name, LinkedIn checks it against thousands of company names in its records and all suggested names. If your company name appears on the list, click it and LinkedIn will automatically fill the information details for you. Afterward, enter the location, job title, description of your position, and the period you have worked on that particular company.

Click the Save Button

By clicking the save button, LinkedIn updates all the new information you have added onto your profile and the new position then goes back to your profile page.

Repeat Steps 2-4 for other Additional Positions you want to add

These steps allow you to edit positions you have already entered. Instead of clicking the add position link, Click the edit link next to the record in the experience section. It is vital noting that the experience section is not for only full paid employees. You can add promotion information for nonprofit volunteer assignments,all contract works you have done, other valid experience that counts on your skill sets and board of director memberships.

In case you have most of the information that LinkedIn asks for but you lack few details on the descriptions, you can add what you have although you must provide a job title and period you have worked then fill in other information later. For a public profile, ensure you don’t mind your information being viewed by everyone.

Call to Action

Your business and career path much depend on who you are today and more so the information your profile portrays to the professional world. When you are looking for new ways to showcase your career path and add promotions, LinkedIn and the steps highlighted above is the way to go. Sign in for more information on how LinkedIn can help you in building the right connections. Need more information on LinkedIn How to Add Promotion? Contact us today –

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