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It’s not long ago when we witnessed LinkedIn popping up as a budding professional platform. Thanks to its positive reception, LinkedIn is now among the best platforms helping businesses grow and push sales for their products. With all professionals in one place, it is entirely possible to create lead generation to your site and make sales with a linkedin lead generation agency.

Although there are multiple social media platforms that can be used to generate leads, if you get your numbers straight you will come to know that LinkedIn is responsible for almost 80% of all the social media leads generated. Following this, businesses that understand the art of lead generation are already making an incredible amount of sales. Linked Lead Ninja is already helping B2B businesses generate sales from the LinkedIn platform. To understand how this works, you should first learn of the tips for lead generation to your business.

Tip#1; Create a lead generation page.

If your company already has a page on LinkedIn, you should work on turning that company page into a lead generation page. Company details alone will not do it, who reads it nowadays anyway? Your page should be well structured for it to drive leads to your website and make sales.

Tip#2; Create a Show Case Page.

Showcase pages in LinkedIn are designed specifically for b2b businesses lead generation. The showcase page is designed for specific brands or business units within the company. It is also targeted to a particular group of audience, who are to be converted to customers. Among other things, showcase pages are also designed to create and maintain a long-term relationship with that particular targeted group.

Tip#3; Make use of the advanced search tool

This tool will enable you to spot your target audience, even if they haven’t landed at your page. Even without the upgraded membership account, you still have the chance to narrow your search to that particular target group.

Tip#4; Save the search

You have to know that, the quest for the generation of leads to your site is not a one-time thing. You will not be searching for your targeted audience each time you want to reach them. This means that you will need to save the search.

Tip#5; Create groups

Lead generation is work that will require interaction with your target audience. It will give you more awareness about your audience, and also the fact that you control the group means that you control the information you want your audience to receive.

Tip#6; Create Contents

After all these tips, this is yet the most important one. Creating content based on informing your audience about your business, will create awareness among them. This is because most people won’t turn out to be your customers until they get to know you and trust you enough.

The tips above will give you light on how to create lead generation to your site and drive sales. This process can be sometimes overwhelming, especially if you do not have enough time to spare. That is why Linked Lead Ninja is there to be your Linkedin Lead generation agency . Visit the website today at and see what they can offer your business.

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