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Linkedin is one of the most effective platforms to engage with people in a more professional way. It enables its members to network, find jobs, post and seek professional assistance and iron their leadership skills. This is where most marketers strongly rely on when it comes to providing education and useful information about their products and services.

However, LinkedIn marketers face various challenges such as effort-intensive during their marketing processes resulting to slow ultimate results. This is primarily due to lack of proper information on the best stand-alone LinkedIn marketing tools available in the market. This is why today we have narrowed down some of the top-rated marketing tools that will increase your efficiency on LinkedIn marketing. Let’s look at them.

1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

If you’re aiming to boost sales via LinkedIn on a targeted network, the sales navigator tool is one of the most effective tools to start with. It gives a great network experience by connecting buyers and sellers.

This tool is available on a monthly subscription fee with a 30-day free trial.

Features and Benefits:

Advanced Algorithm

LinkedIn Sales Navigator uses a strong algorithm to find clients best on your products’ preferences.

Sales Statistics

This feature provides you real-time updates of detailed insights from to ensure that you have the best information which can help you to decisions.

Relationship Building Tools

This allows you, as a lead builder to constantly move close to your final goals of making any sale.

2. LinkedIn Company Page

This is the first-hand LinkedIn marketing tool that can help you to promote your brand and build strong connections in the most excellent way. Company pages are a great way to showcase relevant information about your products and the services your company is offering. On top of this, each of your employee’s profile will show where they work. This means that anybody who connects with them will see your company and can click to view the company page. This is a great way to increase the reach of your company.

3. LinkedIn Plugins

There are a number of LinkedIn plugin tools you can use for your website to increase your sales. These include:

Company Profile
Member Profile
Follow Company
Company Insider
LinkedIn Auto Publish

These tools help your website to integrate well with your LinkedIn Company Profile. They work behind the scene providing your visitors with more information about your company, products, and services hence giving prospects reasons to connect and contact you.

4. LinkedIn Content Marketing

LinkedIn Content marketing is one of the most useful LinkedIn Marketing tools. This tool enables you to publish and share your company contents. It comes with two features, which include:


This allows you to post vital information, status, photos, links and among others and it also alerts you when anyone comments or likes your content.

Long Form Posts

LinkedIn Long-Form Posts act in a similar way as blogging. It enables you to publish your posts in article form and target your connections. It also has a strong traffic hence increasing your feet on marketing.

5. LinkedIn Small Business

LinkedIn Small Business is another wonderful lead builder, which gives you a great balance between boosting your sales and building trust among your connections. This tool is fundamental in establishing your brand presence, connecting with your target audience and strongly engaging your connections with content marketing. Through this tool, you will not only share worthwhile information with your audience but also turn them into your brand advocates.

6. LinkedIn Showcase Pages

These are extensions of your company page which enable you to advertise your products and services. LinkedIn Showcase Pages allow you to connect your LinkedIn Company Page with them, which help you to spotlight a company, brand, business unit or any other helpful initiative.

Using this tool is, therefore, a great way of providing helpful information about your various services without congesting your main page as well as building up devoted followers around each section you create.


LinkedIn is playing a major role when it comes to thought-leadership, professional branding, and networking. It has proven its professional B2B networking opportunities to both small and big business. By the same token, you need a way to experience these benefits without hassle. Therefore, with the help of these tools, you will have a great advantage over the basic benefits that LinkedIn is offering. It goes without saying that this list of LinkedIn Marketing tools are what you need to help you organize your contacts, build a strong relationship with your connections, manage your sales funnel and increase your marketing traffic, thereby becoming the best decision maker in media marketing industry.

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