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Many people nowadays are accessing their LinkedIn accounts via their smartphones instead of desktops. If you haven’t downloaded the LinkedIn mobile application yet, you may want to consider doing so, because it’s the quickest way to remain connected when you are not near a PC.

The mobile app allows you to access the current news and important online content at whatever time, and engage with your leads. If you’re not using this app you are missing out on several handy features that you could be using to get more connections and leads on the LinkedIn platform.

Here, we look at some of the LinkedIn for relationship building mobile features.

  1. QR Codes

With the LinkedIn QR codes you can connect with new people and share your profile with them instantly. It is a better way of securing new connections than handing out business cards during meetings or conferences. Scanning a QR code using the LinkedIn mobile app enables you to connect with others digitally and in real time when you meet them.

But there’s one catch. For this to work successfully, both parties should have the LinkedIn app already installed on their phones.

Here’s how you can scan or share QR codes:

  • On your LinkedIn mobile app, tap the QR code icon, which is in the search box.
  • Scan the other person’s QR code. That will take you to their LinkedIn profile, where you’ll view your mutual connections. On their profile, you can send them a personalized connection request, reminding them you met at a certain event or meeting and would like to connect.
  • To access your own QR code on the platform, tap on “My code”. On the page that opens you can share your code via email, iMessage and other apps. Moreover, you can save your QR code to your phone’s photo app, business cards, presentations etc.
  1. Find Nearby Feature

The LinkedIn “Find Nearby” feature shows you other active platform users near you. It is also an excellent technique for engaging leads, workmates and influencers at an event you attend. The feature allows you to identify, connect and form relationships with users who are within 30 meters of you, letting you get more leads.

Access this feature by following the steps below:

  • Turn on Bluetooth on your phone.
  • Agree to the necessary LinkedIn permissions.
  • Enable the “Find Nearby” feature.

After that you will be able to see a list of nearby LinkedIn users who are also using the feature. From there you can tap on the name of the user you want to review and possibly send them a connection message.

It’s worth noting that you have to opt-in to access the “Find Nearby” feature. The LinkedIn for Relationship Building feature doesn’t track or store your exact location data.

  1. Kudos

With the LinkedIn Kudos app you can engage with your connections in a special and powerful way by acknowledging or showing them gratitude publicly. Without a doubt, making others feel good, and giving thanks, is always a worthwhile investment.

Using Kudos is a simple way to express gratitude for somebody’s work or effort. It also has the added advantage of increasing profile views for you and your Kudos recipient.

To use the Kudos feature:

  • Navigate to the person’s profile page, tap on the More… tab next to the message tap and then choose “Give Kudos”.
  • If the Kudos is for multiple people, go to “Write a post” box on the upper part of the home page. After that, click on the ribbon icon, which is adjacent to the camera icon and choose multiple people. If it’s just one person choose a single connection.
  • Select from the ten categories you see e.g., “making an impact” or “amazing mentor” and write a personalized message (s) to accompany the Kudos.


The LinkedIn mobile application comes with numerous useful features that accelerate relationship building. Use those valuable features to connect with influential persons at meetings or live events, or show gratitude to someone.

If you want to know more aboutLinkedIn Mobile Features That Accelerate Relationship Building let us know.

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