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LinkedIn PPC: Common Mistakes to Avoid

LinkedIn is the best forum to advertise the products, as LinkedIn has become a self-serve advertising platform for many years. The platform can prove to be a boon for the advertisers if used aptly.  Few mistakes that are often committed by advertisers that can increase their cost and reduce the desired results:

  1. Targeting the audience in one way- this mistake is perhaps the most common one. A company usually tries to reach the decision-makers in the marketing department and load a bunch of job titles like CMO, VP of marketing, Marketing director, and start the campaign. Using this format of advertising will reach the target audience but not in the most optimum way. These days thinking out of the box is in trend, and the companies offer titles like Director of Awesomeness. Thus the marketing director will not receive the campaign. However, in its place, if you target people with Marketing job function and seniority of CXO, VP, or Director, it will reach all.
  2. Launching the campaigns at the wrong time- the algorithm used by LinkedIn ads works in haste and makes the decision. Therefore the timing of the campaign, when launched, will profoundly impact the results. Text Ad campaigns averaged about 0.025% CTR and sponsored Content campaigns to average about 0.30% CTR. Therefore, if the average of ads is not met in the first 1000- 2000 clicks, the ads are ignored. LinkedIn users are business-oriented people, and thus, they are busy on the weekdays, thus launching campaigns on the weekends will prove to be beneficial.
  3. Writing off text ads- as per the CTR stats many, times the advertisers stop focusing on the text ads, and the placement of these three packs tends to be wrong. Having an ad with a bigger image and long title and matching descriptive content sounds exciting, but then it is not so. As it is a very common format, and the competition here will be high. Using small images with small title and long descriptive content will prove to be more beneficial. With this placement using aggressive CTA, the need for a very high CTR and people will read your ads.
  4. No tagging URLs-  LinkedIn has launched its conversion tracking pixel. Still, the reliability of the conversion texts is yet to calculated with utmost accuracy. The LinkedIn PPC advertisers should manually tag all their URLs with standard UTM variables to get the benefit of tracking redundancy. As it will help in analyzing the benefit of LinkedIn more accurately.
  5. Pay no attention to cynical Audiences- when people set target audiences for posting the ad. They should also consider the audience whom they don’t want the content to reach. LinkedIn has this option whereby the advertiser can choose to include or exclude the targeting audience. Example, the CXO, VP, and the Director are the included audience whereas, training and entry-level audience are excluded.

Avoiding these five mistakes can help in generating desired LinkedIn PPC results. If you want to know more about LinkedIn PPC: Common Mistakes to Avoid, let us know.

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