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Linkedin Premium Account and its benefits

LinkedIn premium has a bundle of surprises for you if you are Business Person, Recruiters, Job Seekers, or a Sales Professionals, you can always try LinkedIn Premium for a month to see what you get out of them. Then revert back to your regular, free account if you don’t think it’s working out for you.

Different Levels of Premium Account

LinkedIn provides different levels of premium account choices for people with different objectives based on their specific needs.

LinkedIn Premium actually has four different price tiers:

  • Premium Career: Stand out and get in touch with hiring managers, See how you compare to other applicants, Learn new skills to advance your career
  • Premium Business: Grow and nurture your network, Find and contact the right people, Promote and grow your business, Learn new skills to enhance your professional brand
  • Sales Navigator Pro: Find leads and accounts in your target market, Get real-time insights for warm outreach, Build trusted relationships with customers and prospects
  • Recruiter Lite: Find leads and accounts in your target market, Get real-time insights for warm outreach, Build trusted relationships with customers and prospects

Premium account features

Let’s take a look at few of the premium features and how you can make them work for your LinkedIn networking needs. Most of these apply to all premium account types excluding for Job Seekers.


LinkedIn InMail allows you to contact anyone you are not connected to on LinkedIn. InMails will include some professional background information about you so that the recipient will be confident about who you are. You also get a response guarantee – if you don’t get a response, then you get a credit to your account to contact someone else.

Explore more

See more people when you search, if you are trying to enlarge your LinkedIn Network, then getting more than the standard 100 results in LinkedIn search will be useful. Apart from Job Seekers each premium account type includes a minimum of 300 search results.

Advanced Search filters

Premium Accounts gives you the ability to search by Seniority, Company Size, Interests, Fortune 1000, Your Groups, Years of Experience, Function, New to LinkedIn

Expanded profile views

Tired of seeing this when you view the profile of someone you don’t know?

Limited profile views will only show you the very basics about a person and their profile summary when they are out of your network. Expanded profile views will allow you to see their first name, photo, job details, recommendations, educational background, skills, and any other information or applications they have added to their profiles.

See who has viewed your profile

LinkedIn lets you see who has viewed your profile if you turn on the setting to allow others to see if you have viewed their profile. With a premium account, you can view that list without having to give up your own viewing privacy. But instead of just seeing who viewed your profile, you will also get to see which keywords people searched to get to your profile.


Profile organizer

Want to organize your contacts with more than just tags? Try the LinkedIn Profile Organizer. It allows you to add LinkedIn members to your Profile Organizer quickly by simply saving their profile.


Get introduced

Incase If you don’t have any more InMails and you want to join with someone who is a 2nd or 3rd degree connection, you can do so with Introductions. When you visit the person’s profile, there will be a link to get introduced through a connection. You will essentially choose the best person to make the introduction and send them a message about why you want to connect.

See the names of 3rd degree connections

Some subscription plans will allow you to see the full name of your 3rd-degree connections. This will make it easier to recognize the people you might want to connect with.

Reference search

You will get more references for a person besides their recommendations on LinkedIn? You can use the Reference Search to look for people who have worked with another LinkedIn user to contact them about their performance.

Allow anyone to message you with OpenLink

With LinkedIn Premium accounts you can receive a message from anyone on LinkedIn, whether or not they are connected to you? You can do it by opting in to being an OpenLink member. This way, any LinkedIn member can message you without using introductions or InMails.

If you are looking for more information on LinkedIn Premium Account and its benefits don’t hesitate to contact us.

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