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In simple terms, sales executives are the middlemen between contractors and clients. They make a profit from the negotiations that turn into deals between the parties mentioned above.

In today’s tech-friendly world, the easiest way to get into this profession is by using apps such as LinkedIn, which helps connect people. This area of work allows you to earn quite a bit, and that is why LinkedIn has several accounts designed for sales executives. But it also creates a lot of competition in this field.

For making an account on LinkedIn and working as a sales executive, there is no requirement to have a background in the area of sales or any degree related to it. It allows anyone and everyone to become a sales executive on LinkedIn. As a result, it leads to having sales executives on LinkedIn, making many mistakes on the app itself, which are not healthy for their business.

So here, we will discuss the mistakes made by several sales executives on LinkedIn and how these can be fixed.

Mistake 1:

One of the most common mistakes made is to create an account which targets the wrong audience. Profiles aren’t made attractive as the viewers need. It is always extremely essential to make your profile viewer-friendly and not just for every viewer but especially for the people whom you wish should contact you.

How to fix it :

Make sure that your profile doesn’t depict that you are looking for a job as you are here as a middle person. To make a perfect profile, you will have to look at the already established sales executives’ profile on LinkedIn and learn how they present themselves. What is their profile that makes them much desirable? Never mention your achievements on the pattern; it will make you look self-centered, which won’t make you the first choice to work.

Mistake 2:

If you certain famous places blank, such as summary and recommendation, it will make your profile look incomplete and won’t give the viewers a complete picture of you.

How to fix it : 

Make sure that you add all your previously held positions in the field if you have any. If you do not make sure to add such things, why people will trust you? Second is to add recommendations not only from your boss but also from your co-workers. It gives viewers an insight into how they are most likely to feel or experience while working with you.

Mistake 3:

Making your profile too much professional without even a single personal detail makes it difficult to believe that it is real. It could give the impression that your profile is fake and not trustworthy.

How to fix it :

Add personal details as it gives your profile a personal touch, which in turn leads to more people contacting you. But remember it is always better not to add anything related to religion or politics as it might work in the opposite direction. Get in touch with us to know more about Mistakes Sales Executives Make on LinkedIn and How to Fix It?


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