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Reasons to Use LinkedIn PPC

LinkedIn PPC is an advertising platform formed to cater to the advertising needs of different genres of business entrepreneurs. It is a platform for successful advertising through LinkedIn Ads. LinkedIn PPC renders the opportunity to advertise in different positions all through the platform and on every click make the users on your webpage.

It is one of the influential and prevailing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) portals that allow the advertisements to reach directly to the prospective customers or clients based on decisive factors such as LinkedIn Group, Job designation, Job role, Company Name, Company Size, Industry, Geography, Age, and Gender. The reasons that make the use of LinkedIn PPC significant in this Avant-garde time are:

  1. A Professional advertising Platform- LinkedIn is an online platform where people create their professional profiles and update their career interests. It is a platform that offers the big industries to get the deserving manpower and numerous career opportunities to the deserving people. With LinkedIn PPC, you can spread the reach of your advertisements in a specialized way to the top-of-funnel clients.


  1. Reach directly to the targeted people- Having over 200 million users; LinkedIn enables you to find the right people who will be interested or benefitted by your advertisement by narrowing down the search based on job roles and specialization. LinkedIn offers you to target PPC advertisements to 26 different job roles. By selecting the fields, you can easily filter the associated skills and reach the target audience.


  1. Filter based on position- With LinkedIn PPC, you can directly target the position of the employees. For example, if you are looking for the employees with managerial level, you can limit your search to that level only. LinkedIn provides you to narrow down your search on the basis of skills and enable you to target the employees based on their seniority. This way, you can filter your search from over one and a half million users to just around 75K.


  1. Access to higher-value users- LinkedIn being a business-oriented website platform is a common online place for the high-salaried members handling high positions in big corporations and industries and handling higher job roles and responsibilities. Thus, unlike other platforms, by advertising here, you can have access to high-value users.


  1. A business-oriented place- LinkedIn is a place for professionals. Here, you will not find members joined LinkedIn to check out photos, videos and daily updates of other members’ life. It is a platform for educated and serious people who like to stay updated and informed about the current industrial happenings, news and new opportunities coming over. The chances are bright to reach to the prospective users through LinkedIn PPC.


  1. The Right Time- LinkedIn is used by the people who think about business, work, growth, opportunities, and recommendations. At the time of accessing LinkedIn, they have an intention to gather the latest news, have know-how about the latest industrial trends, checking-out job opportunities, create connections with the clients or colleagues, etc. that directly conveys that they are looking up for business. This is the time to communicate your message to the target users. Looking for more info on Reasons to Use LinkedIn PPC, contact us for more info
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