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When you sign up for our exclusive White Label Service, you will be offering your clients access to the most effective and dependable lead generation service available today.

How does our system work for you and your clients?

After you become a certified reseller of Linked Lead Ninja Done-for-You services, you will be assigned your own Linked Lead Ninja Account Manager to help in the onboarding process of your clients. Your Lead Ninja will walk you through our comprehensive process, making sure no detail is left unattended.

As a reseller with Linked Lead Ninja, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds: You will be maintaining exclusive protective communication with your clients, while the Linked Lead Ninja works away in the background, creating a Lead Storm and making you a hero in your client’s eyes!

We work with you to identify your client’s ideal leads, educate and engage them about your client’s offering, and drive them to your client’s website, optimized LinkedIn profile, phone, and email using written-for-you customized messaging. We “knock the doors” for your clients day in and day out, and they get the connections and conversations from the leads who are looking for them.

LinkedIn is the largest B2B Social Platform in the world. People are doing REAL BUSINESS on LinkedIn every day. If your clients are under-utilizing the power of LinkedIn, then you know they are missing out on hot leads and growth. We help you – help your clients – take advantage of vital networking connections by messaging and engaging 1000s of people on LinkedIn every month, allowing your clients to generate new business and keep their sales pipeline full of fresh prospects.

Please remember, your clients will need to have Sales Navigator attached thier LinkedIn Account for this service.

Client Profile Makeover

Your client’s LinkedIn Profile is their “Social Proof” for all the world to see. Let’s make it great.

We will refresh and redo your client’s Profile as needed. Some profiles do not need much work but others need a complete makeover. No matter what the profile’s current condition, we will build your client an engaging profile that will attract and inform their target market about exactly what they do and why they need you.

Some of the items included are:

Custom Banner, Summary Rewrite, Professional Head-shot (provided by your client), and other adjustments as needed will be included to make thier profile attractive and engaging.

We build a company page for you on LinkedIn.

We can create a professional and engaging custom LinkedIn page.

It can be time-consuming and a hassle to maintain a personal profile and a company page on LinkedIn. Yet, clients are searching for your business. Without a company page, you are missing out on potential prospects.

Our team will create a professional and custom LinkedIn page for your business designed to engage with potential prospects and get them to connect with you.

No more juggling updates for two profiles! We got this.

Finding Your Client's Target Market on LinkedIn Using Sales Navigator

Your client’s ideal client is looking for them. Is your client easy to find? We connect them with leads on LinkedIn.

For example: if your client sells Dental Equipment to Dentists, our natural target would be “Dentists and Dental Offices.”

Once we identify the target for any niche we  nurture and message them daily. The Search criteria could be “CEO’s in Ohio Named Joe”…we can help dial in your search to maximize your messaging and results….powerful.

What would that do for your client’s business?

Messaging Your Client's Target Market on LinkedIn

Your Messaging Matters: Compelling Messaging Engages the Reader to Take Action through our Problem, Solution, Call to Action message flow.

We write professional personalized messages, customized to you and your niche. Again, no two campaigns are the same. Our proven system of sending out messages that engage your target market just works.

The Messages that go out daily:

  •    Connection Requests with a custom “Connect with Me Message” – At a rate of 30-60 per day – up to 1,800 a month –  – Our Goals are a 20-40% Connection Rate – That’s 540 new connections each and every month on average.
  •    Once Connected they receive a “Thanks for Connecting Message”. This message is designed to get a conversation started with your ideal prospect building a steady flow of leads. We will do this daily as new prospects accept your connection request.
  •   We see many conversions just from this initial pair of messages. But we don’t stop there, we continue to drip messages 2 to 3 custom Messages Inside of LinkedIn…
  •    We work closely with you to determine the pressing problems and pain points of your target market, then create messaging highlighting your offering as their solution.
  •  We follow your solution to their problem with a soft Call to Action. Very simply: Problem, Solution, CTA

Group Message Campaigns AND 1st Degree Connection Campaigns

100% delivery rate on these messages - 100x's a day.

These two campaigns are NOT for everyone. Also, they are NOT more money if we do or less money if we do not do…they are available to all at our low price.

  •   GROUP MESSAGE CAMPAIGN: If you are joined to a group that your target market is in we can message at a rate to every member of that group 100X’s a day…powerful.
  •   1st DEGREE MESSAGE CAMPAIGN: If you are currently connected to your target market inside of LinkedIn we can put together a campaign to target those prospects with custom messages at a rate of 100X’s a day…nice!

Let’s talk about both of these campaigns on our call and strategize…

Open profile Messaging using FREE InMails

The Open Profile Premium feature allows anyone on LinkedIn to contact a Premium member for free, even if they're not in the sender's network. All LinkedIn members can see the full profiles of Premium members who have enabled Open Profile. We craft one message and put a message inside 300-400 of your prospect's LinkedIn "Inbox" every month...powerful.

Your Own Custom Dashboard...

Helps you keep track of your leads -

White Label Partner Testimonial

Jess Bousa“I would highly recommend their service to other agencies who want to expand their LinkedIn portfolio and become a leader in the industry.”

We’re a full-service digital marketing agency that provides a variety of services such as social media marketing, SEO, website development, marketing materials, and lead generation.

About a year ago, I started searching for a white label reseller to offer lead generation services to my clients. I found Linked Lead Ninja, and soon after we started working together, I picked up ten new accounts. Although I was happy with their service, I was only using them for my high-level clients. I tried another company that offered a lower price point for my other clients. It turned out to be a disaster. Their customer relationship didn’t fit with my team, the service was clunky, and they weren’t dialed into our needs.

After that, I spoke with Linked Lead Ninja and told them about my experience with the other company. We had a great conversation and discussed our individual needs as a reseller. They were able to offer creative solutions that benefitted both of us. Since then, I’ve picked up ten more accounts with more new business in the works.

Linked Lead Ninja is terrific. The owner, Darren, is accessible, open, and easy to work with. His team is fantastic—they’re all in, detail-oriented, responsive, and my team loves them. They also solved a huge automation problem for us recently, where we can now do more with less work.

Linked Lead Ninja helped me double my revenue, bring on clients faster, and serve them better. I would highly recommend their service to other agencies who want to expand their LinkedIn portfolio and become a leader in the industry.

Jess Bousa
CEO and Marketing Strategist | Exponential Media | My LinkedIn Profile

No Set-up Costs - 60 day Commitment - No Long Term Contracts

Please contact me for more information!

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