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Are you making the most out of your LinkedIn sales prospecting? Let’s find out. Today, we’ll review seven tips for effective B2B prospecting on LinkedIn.

Which of these strategies are you currently using? Where can you use improvement? Use these tips to help you build a successful lead generation campaign on LinkedIn.

Have a question to ask or a tip of your own to share? Let us know what you think in the comments or contact us. Enjoy the article!

Profile Your Specific Target Market

How much do you know about your ideal customer and their industry? You need to specifically define your target market so that you can tailor all your content and marketing to them. Here’s a few things you can learn about your ideal customer that can help with prospecting:

  • Target Demographic Information (age, gender, income, etc.)
  • Lifestyle and Attitude (married or single, employed or retired, active or sentient)
  • Hobbies and Sending Habits
  • Competition Serving Your Prospects (are they better? If so, why?)

Establish Your Expertise


LinkedIn is the best social media platform for B2B interactions. Use it to establish yourself as a professional authority figure in Industry. Build a brand that’s memorable and recognizable to other LinkedIn users. Regularly ship content – like videos, podcasts and blog posts – so your industry prospects can hear your voice. Answer questions and participate in discussions related to your industry.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Fill out every portion of your LinkedIn profile so you’re sure to show up in more search results. Connect your email address and social media accounts with LinkedIn so you can connect to more people you already know. Have all your professional contact information and content channels listed on your profile so new prospects can easily reach you. Have a professional headshot as your main profile photo. Make sure your unique value proposition is the first thing you talk about in your profile.

Take the Time & Put in The Legwork

Lead generation and prospecting on LinkedIn is a job. You pay for prospecting in the time and effort you spend networking and pursuing leads and/or in the money you invest in a prospecting program. Leads won’t just come to you – even organic leads find you from your content marketing, web presence and SEO. Personally put in the work or hire LinkedIn lead generation professionals to manage your B2B marketing. If you want the work done for you, check out this exclusive offer by the LinkedIn Ninja.


Always be connecting with new people and prospects in your industry. Expand your network not from hard selling, but through soft social networking. Be known to your ideal customer through outgoing content on LinkedIn and attending or hosting real-life events. This will help you get to know the ins-and-outs of your prospect’s industry. What are their everyday concerns? How can you best alleviate their problems? Identify with your prospect’s needs by being a natural part of their world.

Participate in LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups are an excellent place to learn about your industry and generate new sales prospects. Listen to members in these groups and find out their individual business needs. Figure out who’s active on LinkedIn – these are the people you want to connect with through conversation and content. Answer group member questions so the group knows what you’re all about. Read other people’s responses so you can see their unmet needs.

Learn from The Best

Who are then ten most successful people in your industry? What individuals or companies are setting the standard for you and your competition to follow? Find these successful people online and learn from them! Pay attention to what they post on LinkedIn and on their company channels. If you need some inspiration, check out some of the most successful B2B marketers and salespeople using LinkedIn for prospecting. To start, you can follow these 50 B2B sales experts on LinkedIn.

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