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Once I sign up what can I expect?
  • Fill out your Discovery Form
  • Receive your Welcome Email with instructions
  • Get Sales Navigator –  See Quick Video Below

Sales Navigator Free Trial

  • Copy & Best Practices email
  • A description of Copy & Strategy and timelines for Copy.
  • 24-72 business hours after Discovery Form for initial Copy to be received
  • Our copy for initial messages is designed to peak curiosity with the prospect, additionally talking briefly about their pain points and how you make that pain “go away” with your solution. No message is complete without a CTA (Call to Action): These short and concise messages are designed to get people to connect and engage quickly.
  • Once Initial Messages are approved we can Start  then inside 14 days are given to write, approve and set up Drip Campaign. Why wait, well the drip campaigns do not start until 30 days after initial connection and we want to get your campaign up and running right away.
  • LinkedIn Campaign Launch
    • Generally the day of or day following copy approval we will launch your campaign- We work Monday – Friday, some Sundays.
    • 35-45 connection requests daily for initial week (for monitoring the new campaign), then we will bump it up to 75-125 connection requests daily.
      • Any Accepted connections get a “Thanks for Connecting” message within 24 hours – If you make the connection or we make the connection they get a message. If you connect with someone and do not want them to get message please let us know and we will remove promptly.
      • Once a connection is made and thanked, the new connection is dropped into your Drip Marketing campaign inside and outside of LinkedIn (message 1 received 30 days after connecting)
      • To see who has been invited at anytime go here: Invitations Sent Feel free to remove any invitation you want.
How do I interact with my leads?

Your campaign is running and you want to see the progress? Great, this short video will walk you through what to look for and how to manage any new leads. As always if there are any questions please contact us.

How to Track Leads Inside of LinkedIn....

See you on the inside.

Darren Kurilko | Linked Lead Ninja

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