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LinkedIn links are a critical part of SEO, and it is not easy to earn these links. Finding the right person on LinkedIn to reach out for link buildings. After that crafting, the perfect message to send to the people is not easy and will take hours. However, even when you have done all the required tasks with utmost precision, it could happen that no one will revert to your message. Thus all your dreams of getting a useful link will get shattered.

Presently there are several tools available that can help in link building. Some of the tools available for link building are the powerful aggregators that have contact information of website owners, contributors, editors, along with other required details. All these tools are great, but then they don’t assure link building.

Effective link building to earn types of links that will stand firm even during fluctuations in search algorithms requires not only the right tools but also an effective strategy.


Strategy to leverage LinkedIn for link building is as follows:

  1. Identify the potential link partners: it is only a perfect full proof plan that can help in accomplishing any given task. Similarly, it is only planning that can help in earning links. The first step of planning is identifying the person who can and are willing to link to the sites. Identification of people for link building can be made by connecting with specific websites; it may thus include owners, editors, contributors, webmasters, or the people who have been featured on the website.
  2. Identify new and better opportunities: the websites that you consider to be popular and of importance are only a small part of the high-quality, relevant websites that is related and available on your website. One needs to work hard for getting links from the popular ones, but the new small websites that cannot be overlooked. Trying to connect with smaller websites serves two purposes first, it helps in getting more links with minimum effort and in less time as the new websites are willing to connect with great ease. The second importance that the project is that the smaller sites will eventually grow to become more prominent and popular website just the popular websites that are present in the industry.
  3. Engage with potential link partners: after having identified the people with whom you may want to connect, it is now the time to materialize the complete plan of action. It may come as an impulse to you to communicate with the potential links in a direct manner, but then this technique could be a wrong course of action. Instead, start connecting and engaging with people in a meaningful way. It means that liking and commenting on the posts and, if possible, sharing their posts on the personal network.
  4. Earn that link: it is essential that rather than asking for the link on LinkedIn, it is important to earn the link. With great finesse, ask about their plans of writing and thereby establish a relationship with them over time and then earn the link. If you want to know more about steps to leverage LinkedIn for link building, get in touch with us.
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