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The Benefits of Negative Reviews

As a business owner, negative reviews can be one of the most terrifying sights. Fundera is here with a guide and visual that will show you how to make the most of them. 

The average consumer reads at least 10 reviews before making any purchase. What if one of those reviews is negative? Could that be the nail in the coffin for a purchase? Contrarily, a negative review can actually be good for your business.

First, let’s look at the role online reviews play in the purchasing process to begin with. 

Why You Need Online Reviews

Every brand wants to be noticed. Standing out can be tough, especially when you’re an online business faced with an ever-growing marketplace. You can optimize your site, pay for ads, and run a social media account to help bring in traffic. While these things will help, reviews play a huge part in your brand’s success. Here are a few reasons why. 

  • Reviews shape consumer’s perception of your brand: Your content, branding, social media presence, and so on can all play a role in the perception of your brand. Still, reviews can be a huge factor in consumer perception of your brand. If your company has glowing reviews, people will likely trust you. The same principle applies to negative reviews.
  • Consumers largely trust online reviews: For 91% of people the ages of 18-34, reviews carry the same weight as a personal recommendation from a friend. This means a positive review could mean the difference between someone buying or passing on an item in some cases. Again, the same goes for negative reviews.
  • They can act as free advertising: Just like word of mouth, glowing online reviews can result in more people hearing about your brand, for free. That positive press can translate into more sales and the growth of your brand. 

It’s clear online reviews, especially positive ones, can be hugely beneficial for your brand. But, what about those negative marks? Is there anything you can do about those?

Handling Negative Reviews Like a Pro

There’s the old saying that any publicity is good publicity. While this isn’t necessarily true for businesses, there is a bit of silver lining to negative reviews. There are also some things you can do to help maintain your company image in the wake of negative reviews. 

  • Be human: We’re all human, and negative reviews can help drive that point home about your brand as well. If your brand only has positive reviews, many people will wonder if you scrub your reviews or only leave fake feedback. Negative reviews can illustrate that your company is operated by real people, capable of making the occasional mistake.
  • Respond and showcase your values: Responding to negative feedback can be a great way to both solve the person’s problem and also show to potential customers that you’re a brand that cares. Avoid using a canned response and instead actually reply to the person with real questions and concerns to show you care.
  • Learn from negative trends: If you see a wave of negative reviews and feedback, use this as a learning opportunity. Examine all levels of your company to see if there’s an area you need to pick up some slack or go back to the drawing board. Maybe a product needs better quality control, or maybe you need to reduce the amount of automation on your help line. 

A big part of handling negative reviews is knowing how to handle the many types of negative reviewers. While no two reviewers are the same, there are some personas that can be applied to many negative reviews. Fundera has created a helpful visual on how to handle negative online reviews. With this information you can be better equipped to respond to any negative reviews you receive.

How Negative Online Reviews Can Improve Your Small Business

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