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Gone are the days of prospecting leads by placing cold calls. In fact, evidence has shown that most contacts will not even answer the phone if they do not recognize an incoming phone number. So, instead of wasting time with a method that will no longer get the results you desire, try using LinkedIn to connect with prospects who are more likely to respond to your efforts. If you are new to using LinkedIn or are not sure how to use it as a prospecting tool, keep reading for some tips to get you headed in the right direction.

Make Connections and Cultivate Them 

LinkedIn is a great tool for connecting with other people in your industry. Before LinkedIn existed, people connected with others by attending conferences. The downside of that method was that you only had a few opportunities a year to have a chance to speak with people. But, you can check LinkedIn every day to get updated on what colleagues are doing. The more you stay connected with industry people, the more prospects you can acquire and the more business you will bring in for your company. Staying connected is easier than ever, so it is imperative that you take advantage of the situation and use LinkedIn to help your business grow.

Attract People by Sharing Your Insights

LinkedIn is a great tool for spreading your insights throughout your industry. If you have a great idea or have developed a new method for getting work done, do not be afraid to share it with the masses through LinkedIn. People peruse LinkedIn looking for helpful hints that will make their professional lives easier and more efficient. If you can help people out with insightful information, you will be seen as an innovator and prospects will flock to you.

Use Groups to Your Advantage

Joining and participating in groups on LinkedIn is a great way to find new prospects. They can give you insight into what your prospects are doing and what their interests are. You can also pick up a lot of information about your prospects  through participation in a group. Further, when you are in a group with a prospect, it gives you the perfect reason to reach out and start a conversation. Plus, once you forge a relationship, it can easily lead to making more connections.

Use Your Profile as a Lead Generator

Your LinkedIn profile can easily double as a lead generator. People who are interested in engaging with your company will likely visit your profile page to learn more about you. So, it is to your benefit to optimize your profile page to engage with visitors and drive sales. Place an easy-to-find link to your company’s website on your profile so people who want to take the next step can do so easily and quickly. Do not forget to add links to your company’s Facebook page and other social media sites as well. Add some photos and videos that promote your business and help prospects connect the name with your face.

Publish Content

One of the best ways you can attract prospects through your LinkedIn page is by publishing content. Publishing on LinkedIn will help you establish yourself as an industry leader. It will also allow you to target the market’s liabilities and provide solutions for them. Quality content is a strong tool that will help you establish relationships and build trust. It also gives you the opportunity to share your insights and professional knowledge. As long as your content is strong, try to publish something as often as possible. The moe quality content you post, the more prospects will see you as a source of industry knowledge.

Post Updates

It does not take long to post an update on your LinkedIn page. But, a simple update can produce untold benefits. Every time you post an update it has the potential to be seen by every one of your connections. So, it is a fast and simple way to stay in the minds of people who you want as customers. However, be careful when you post an update and do not overtly try to sell your products when you do so. You want to use this opportunity to share your expertise instead.

Celebrate the Accomplishments of Others

A great aspect of LinkedIn is that it is a public forum. It is an ideal place to tout the accomplishments of your colleagues and others in your industry. When you come across a positive story about a client, contact or prospect, take a moment to spread the news on LinkedIn. Taking a moment do congratulate someone else, will endear you to all who see it, especially the person you are patting on the back.

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