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Tips to Optimize your LinkedIn Profile for Developers

LinkedIn has proved to be a beneficial social networking platform, even for the developers. Many companies that have an IT department or are in digital marketing observe your LinkedIn profile; thus, it is your social image. Any recruiter will first have a look at it and then call you for an interview therefore; to have the best first impression your LinkedIn profile must be optimized. Even if your LinkedIn profile is updated, there is still a scope of some small changes, which can help you to attract your dream job.


Thus, you need to optimize your LinkedIn profile, and here are the ways to do it:

  1. Optimize your profile with the most suitable keywords- the main motive of your profile is to optimize it with keywords; hence it becomes easy for the recruiters or potential employers to find your profile when they are on a search. In simple words, if you are a JavaScript developer and your profile does not carry these words, any recruiter will not be able to find you. Have the word developer in your title with the job title; however, don’t use the words that are not confident like ‘aspiring’ or ‘learning’ The terms will create an impact of your lacking experience and no one wants to hire a candidate who lacks experience, and confident. As you have done a certified course to be a developer. Optimization with the right keywords is essential, and there is so much that you want to put across, but then no one has the time to read the essays. Thus the essence is to keep it simple and crisp with optimized keywords, example put Java Script Developer. Also, for your experience, there should be clear-cut information in minimum words. The recruiters are looking for skills or titles associated with a developer, thus stick with them. The profile photo should be recent and professional.
  2. Have the right settings- the importance of having the correct settings so that the recruiters or potential employers can locate you cannot be denied. It is crucial that your profile photo, profile photo’s public visibility, and career interests as a developer are on and visible. Whereas for the other details you can have the option of ‘show’ Thus it becomes easy for the recruiters to find you.
  3. Post informative content- the above two methods can help you to attract immediate job opportunities, but posting content can be of help in the long run. LinkedIn is a network building platform, and the content that you post or share related to your role as a developer shows your interests and skills. Thus your networks know what you are up to, and what you can offer. Your contacts will read the posts and depending on them they may find you to be a good fit for a particular job. Write a blog post and share it; any breaking or exciting news related to your industry can be shared. All this will help you to attract recruiters or potential employers.

A compelling profile can help you in your job search. The platform has millions of users from all parts. Need more Tips to Optimize your LinkedIn Profile for Developers? get in touch with us.

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