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Using LinkedIn to Grow B2B Leads

We all keep hearing about the important role of social media in B2B marketing. Of all the social media sites you can use today for B2B leads, LinkedIn rates the highest. For one reason, the social media site now boasts more than 160 million members. Among these members are representatives from all types and sizes of businesses. That means a larger potential pool of leads for you than any other resource you can use.
If your time spent exploring your options on LinkedIn has left you wondering what all the fuss is about, you aren’t alone. In spite of the thousands of success stories that have other businesses cheering their success, a lot of people haven’t found the same level of success.
The problem probably isn’t due to the lack of connections to your industry. More likely, you just haven’t found the right technique to find them and get their interest. If you aren’t getting the kind of success you expected from LinkedIn, look at what is missing from your approach. Linked Lead Ninja offers solutions for all the challenges holding you back on LinkedIn.

The Challenge

You don’t know how to find the connections for your niche.

What We Do

It isn’t really about the primary leads you make. After all, many business types can fall under the same heading as yours. That means you need to get past the initial links and reach the secondary ones. For example, if you sell textbooks to schools, you may make connections with a business that sells school desks. Once you get past them to the educational institutes they are connected with, you will begin to multiply your leads.

Linked Lead Ninja knows how to get to the leads that have value to you. We make the connection for you and make the introduction.

The Challenge

You can’t consistently find the B2B leads you need to increase your business

What We Do
Once you have made a connection with a possible lead, don’t assume that they will remember you when they need your product or service. There’s a real good chance that a lot of other businesses have reached out to them as well. Think of how many business cards you have in your collection and the number that you have actually gone back to later on. LinkedIn connections work in much the same way.
Now, imagine if one company could keep pulling their card to the top of the stack. In essence, that’s what you will do when you make an effort to stay in contact with your leads. In fact, you may want to expand your relationship into other social media sites to ensure you are always first on their mind.

Linked Lead Ninja knows the importance of engaging with leads, including those that you have never done business with. We help you engage and build relationships that will continue to pay off in the future.

The Challenge

Falling short of the ‘status quo’ What We Do
It is impossible to have an edge over the competition if you can’t come close to the success they have at finding leads. If you can’t keep up with the success that other businesses enjoy consistently on LinkedIn, there’s a reason. One way or another, you aren’t taking the right approach to finding links.
Linked Lead Ninja uses a proven system that gets results for all types and sizes of businesses. We can help you determine what is missing and turn your efforts to build leads around.

The Challenge

You don’t know how to consistently “mix it up”
What We Do
Most of us know that we can’t expect to keep doing the same things and get different results. Sooner or later, you will need to figure out how to change your approach to find new leads. You need to keep building your customer base to improve your business.
Linked Lead Ninja has a lot of experience at getting leads for businesses. We use the best approach to keep getting positive results that result in a healthier bottom line for you.
We understand the frustration of repeatedly falling flat with your LinkedIn efforts. We make it easy to find success with our out of the box solution that you can start using right away. Our “Prospecting Plan of Action” gets real results for you.
Let us provide the solution to help you build B2B links on and off of LinkedIn that will make you more competitive. Our “Done for You” services begin with a profile makeover and include a plan of action that will get links in your business niche.
Don’t wait any longer to get the real results that you want for your business. Contact us today for a 15-minute discovery call.
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