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What are the LinkedIn sales navigator new features?

Social selling is the key focus of many organizations, sales teams, and individuals nowadays. With this, there is a need to understand features that can help them build and nurture customer relationships on their networks. LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides features to assist in developing a more in-depth understanding of leads and prospects as well as enhance performance regarding sales and boosting profits. Recently, the platform has taken a step further and added several new features on the sales navigator for businesses to gain new entities, maximize productivity and expand their relationship with existing customers. The question is, what are the LinkedIn sales navigator new features? Here is the rundown of the new features.

Office 365 Integration

Office 365 integration is a feature that takes the sales navigator directly to the inbox. Once the users validate their sales navigator account and office 365, they are in a position to access any email address. This enables them to view profile information, send a LinkedIn connection request, save leads and see TeamLink connections. Integration also allows users to know what they have in common (Icebreakers) hence helps them in personalizing their messages.


Sometimes meeting between the sales representative and managers can be hectic due to missing, incomplete or out of date information on the spreadsheets. Deals, therefore, provides sales representative and managers with a more effective way of understanding and managing their sales pipelines. The feature facilitates faster adding of deals and contact information on the CRM hence makes surfacing of information quite easy. It works by pulling the company’s CRM system pipeline data, then displaying it in a simple-use interface. This way, it allows users to edit the entire sales pipeline information on a single page.

The type of information they can edit include deal sizes, stages, closure date, next step, and many others without having to switch back and forth between their CRM systems and sales navigator. Once the changes are complete, they are automatically written back on the CRM.

Mobile Lead Pages

Since many people use LinkedIn sales navigator on a mobile app nowadays, LinkedIn has revamped the mobile lead pages and brought more facets of the navigator desktop into the mobile application. The platform has updated all the mobile account pages and still continues with the improvement between desktop and mobile experiences in their upcoming releases. This way you can sign in to your account from any place with your mobile.

New Search Experience

Search is always an essential thing in sales navigator. LinkedIn has released a new search experience feature that is redesigned to make the user experience easier and faster. This feature streamlines the search filters and makes the account search more prominent. It allows users to save the searches and get alerts anytime a company or person matches their search criteria on LinkedIn. Additionally, the feature has hover cards that enable users to get quick overviews of companies mentioned on the search results and save them through mousing on the name without leaving the page.

Call to Action

While you might be familiar with LinkedIn sales navigator existing features, it is apparent that the new features will be an integral part in helping you pull qualified traffic of customers and prospects. By making use of them, you can rest assured of enhanced performance regarding sales and productivity. If you want to know more on What are the LinkedIn sales navigator new features? let us know


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