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What content works on LinkedIn

The popularity of LinkedIn is soaring new heights, and its benefits are capitalized by B2B professionals. There are 130,000 posts per week on this platform and has 45% of its readers as company managers, VPs, CEOs, and other senior management. To build your reputation and achieve business goals, it is a great site, but if your post is devoid of useful content, not only does it goes unnoticed but creates a negative impact also. Therefore always make sure that your content is good and here are a few types of content that you should be uploading:

  1. Blog posts-

Sharing blogs on LinkedIn is a significant way to attract readers, increase traffic, and build brand awareness. The blog should have the following:

  • It should have a personal comment in the beginning.
  • With the help of an app, the URL needs to be shortened.
  • It has a significant thumbnail.
  1. News and research material regarding the industry-

LinkedIn is a business to business platform, and therefore, the users are always searching for information related to the industry. It is the best platform for sharing research papers, case studies, and much more. If your content has industry updates, it is beyond to attract the readers. Your content should become synonym to the go-to page for information.

Updates from the company-

If you can get access to ways that can make company updates interesting, then it will be great content for LinkedIn. The update should be enjoyable or posted in a way that makes it interesting. Like if your company starts a zero-waste policy or a new project, a sneak peek from the event will attract immense traffic.

  1. Goals of your business-

Whatever content goes on your, business page of LinkedIn should depict your professional goal or your company’s goal. It will attract readers and create a positive impact on you and your company. The content shared should be relevant and of use for the community.

  1. Tips-

Posts that have tips on leadership or related tricks attract immense traffic on LinkedIn. Your topic should be productive, encouraging, and exciting to attract readers. If it has stories related to leadership, it creates a substantial impact on the readers. At times putting a simple yet powerful quote does right. A small quote like “it is never too late to be what you might have been.” George Elliot was posted, and it attracted a massive number of likes and comments within minutes of it going online.

  1. Photo updates-

A photo update creates a stronger impact than words. Sharing a photo is an excellent way to depict your personality. Eye-catching and attractive photos from business events or official tours command huge attention on LinkedIn.


The above points find their way to the content. What should not go in your content is also important. Including heading that ends with a question should never be a part of the content. It is a professional group to share information and not asks questions as it could annoy many people out there. Also, do not post long articles or videos as all are too busy to spare their time. Get in touch with us for more info on What Content Works on LinkedIn?


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