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What's the difference between LinkedIn Page vs. Personal Page and When to Use Both?

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or a startup founder? Do you use LinkedIn for promoting your brand or expanding your social network? If yes, then you will get to know something enchanting which will help in sailing the ocean smoothly.

Then you might be facing a problem in distinguishing between the LinkedIn page and the personal profile page. Let me clear your doubt.

Difference between a LinkedIn profile page and Personal page 

  1.  LinkedIn page: LinkedIn page is mainly the page of an organization in general which does not contain profiles of employees or founder. This page speaks loudly about the brand or service which the organization has to sell in the market. The LinkedIn page is more or less business-oriented and is mainly utilized by visitors who want to know more about the organization, its culture, values which it is providing and so on.
  1.  Personal page: This is simply a member profile that you can use to show your achievements and track record. You can use it for expanding your network throughout the world and showcasing your skill sets to the world. So, whenever anyone wishes to know more about you, he/she will view your profile easily.

Now I hope that you are clear with both of them and wish to know about their usage. Aren’t you? See there is no hard and fast rule in this matter. But still, there are some suggestions regarding their use.

  • When to use a personal profile page: If you want to expand your business on your own terms and you are the only founder, you can boost your personal profile in this case. So, if you will promote yourself, your brand will automatically get promoted simultaneously.
  • When to use LinkedIn page: This is just analogous to investing in the stock market rather than trading. So, if you have a great vision and are thinking on a long term basis, you can go with making your LinkedIn page. It lays a foundation for the growth of the organization and depicts more professionalism as compared to the personal profile page.

Moreover, you can use both of them. But there is a method of doing it effectively and systematically. Initially, you can start with a personal page for your startup or small business. It will help in gaining attention and creating brand awareness. Then gradually, people will start recognizing your brand or whatever value you are offering. When you have made a sufficient network out there and gained momentum, you can shift to the LinkedIn profile page for a broader aspect. In this way, you will keep on expanding your firm’s worth in the market and will gain the confidence of people which is much needed in today’s era.

So, you have seen what the difference between both types of pages is and how to utilize them systematically for your greater good. So, the only need is to make efficient use of them to make your brand or service popular in the market. Incase if you need more help on What’s the difference between LinkedIn Page vs. Personal Page and When to Use Both

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