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About LinkedIn


LinkedIn works as a platform to build professional relationships on a global level with the help of a website and app. You need to make a profile that you can share with influencers and decision-makers that can make healthy business partnerships. All you need to do stay updated and active on the profile and make connecting with good people and share your ideas with them with the help of articles and videos sharing key insights of your business helping you generate good sales.


You can work with both LinkedIn videos and LinkedIn articles to enhance your presence in online business. Choosing between articles and videos depends upon


  • Your products
  • Your business budgets
  • The extension you want for your business
  • Your own personality
  • Needs of your marketing strategy
  • Your credibility as a business


LinkedIn articles and videos


LinkedIn articles have always impacted business among good readers that actually want to acquire knowledge about your business and can associate on similar grounds. It can generate your Social selling score by generating likes among well-educated business people and help to establish relations. LinkedIn articles have several features like


  • Make posts and share with people
  • For well-educated business people
  • Covers all details
  • Access to the little portion of the information
  • Takes lesser efforts


LinkedIn videos are also highly recommended as it shows your own personality and how much standard your business carries on the platform. You can do multiple things using LinkedIn videos like:


  • Share your videos
  • Stream live
  • Video ad formats
  • Add stickers
  • Add multiple videos
  • Add graphics
  • Motivate people


Why LinkedIn videos have an upper hand in generating leads than LinkedIn articles?


LinkedIn Videos are more beneficial for maintaining a brand name at LinkedIn because they have several extra features that LinkedIn articles lack. Here are some key features and comparison between LinkedIn videos and LinkedIn articles to gain more clarity.


  1. LinkedIn Videos are audiovisual so they are easily understandable to all. They can be easily understood by business people with lesser time to read articles. When shared a video can generate more leads as it can have more impact on viewers’ minds.
  2. Unlike articles, LinkedIn videos can be used for motivational purposes.
  3. LinkedIn videos show the credibility of the business and it impacts the viewers to consider your business as a good brand that mere articles cannot do.
  4. Videos are trendy and eye-catching where mere texted articles cannot allure one’s sense to invest and work with you.
  5. Videos are time-saving as it makes take a lot of effort to go through articles.
  6. Videos are a better option for the promotion of existing products.
  7. Video posts are too good for announcements where articles cannot fetch that level of interest in working in newer prospects.


Final words


A LinkedIn profile allures both with the help of articles and videos but videos get an upper hand as they are audiovisual and highly impactful than articles. Videos reflect your business standards and credibility. If you need any more help to understand which one is better, LinkedIn Videos or Articles, get in touch with us


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