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You joined LinkedIn to help push your career in the right direction, but nothing seems to be coming from it. How can you generate leads and referrals? What is the proper etiquette to adding connections and gaining contacts? Here are some simple, key steps to follow to help promote yourself and enhance your career!

Maybe you feel a bit awkward adding connections that you barely know or whom you have not spoken to in years. Because this is a social website focused on networking for business purposes, you can connect with people you just met! You can connect with the person you briefly spoke with at a conference or the representative you spoke with on the phone for a few moments. Spending just a couple minutes a day looking through the “People You May Know” section will broaden your network substantially. Be sure to only add people you actually know.

Once you have built up your connections, spend some time daily checking out the connections of your contacts. Make a note of the people you do not know but would like an introduction to. Start with “Recommendations.” These are the strongest connections of the person you are viewing. Ask for a recommendation by phone or sending an email. You will get to reconnect with the person you are asking as well!

Another great feature of LinkedIn, is that it supports connections with people who are in the same groups. There are groups for almost every profession and interest! Spend some time joining groups that are related to your business. You can use these groups to network, meet prospects and share insights.


If you are able to, post an “Update” daily. You can also use the “Pulse” feature on the LinkedIn dashboard. By doing this, you are now being displayed on the feed for all your connections. Your updates should focus on sharing expertise, not trying to make a sale. On the same note, share the success of your connections! By scrolling through your feed, you will be able to see posts and stories that contain good news about your clients and key contacts. “Tag” the person with the “@” symbol and share their news on your feed as well. They will receive notification that you did so.

A key component of LinkedIn is the recommendation that people make for you. These can be difficult to obtain because you are asking another person to take the time to log in, write a recommendation and post it for you. An alternative to waiting for your contacts to get around to completing their recommendations is to recommend others yourself. Focus on writing these for your key contacts and customers. The ones your write will show on their LinkedIn account. Not only have you strengthened the relationship with your contact by supporting them, but they’ll be more likely to do the same for you.

The best thing you can do is take a break! Spending hours a day, every few weeks, navigating LinkedIn’s multitude of services is not the right approach. You will be more successful, and more willing to continue putting the effort in, if you spend just a small amount of time logged in a few days a week. Updating, managing connections, and networking a little bit each day keeps your name at the top of your contacts’ feeds and in their minds, which is exactly where you want to be.

LinkedIn can be difficult to get the hang of. If you follow the key steps here, you will be more successful using it! More successful networking means a more successful career.Also please note that we offer a powerful alternative to the above by engaging with your connections and target market on your behalf. This engagement results in more appointments and more business for you…schedule a quick call with me or email me at: Darren.Kurilko at for more information.
Thank you and happy networking.
Darren Kurilko

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